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We pride ourselves on offering beautiful hair extensions with a professional service at prices to suit all budgets.

Hair extensions are a great way to transform your look. Our 100 per cent human hair comes in a wide variety of colours and lengths so that you can receive a service tailored to your hair needs, whether you are simply looking for some added volume or longer lengths.

The Micro Ring hair extension technique has become one of the most popular hair extension techniques available and is highly favoured by celebrities. The reason for this is that they are the safest and most undetectable method of hair extensions. They involve no glue, no heat and no chemicals to remove them and also involve no tight braids as with the weave method that can pull on your own hair particularly if your own hair is fine. This means that there will be no damage to your own hair and it can continue to grow naturally. Many clients report that the quality and condition of their own hair has actually improved after wearing Micro Ring Hair extensions long term.

Why should you choose Lengths by Lauren?

  • We offer a FREE no obligation consultation to colour match your hair to our extensions and to determine whether Micro Ring extensions are suitable for your hair and to discuss how to care for your extensions.
  • We have spent time sourcing and testing various types of hair in order to bring you the highest quality, beautiful hair at incredible value for money
  • We provide a wide variety of hair colours and lengths that allows us to blend the hair extensions to match perfectly with your own hair
  • We offer a repositioning service which involves moving the Micro Rings up towards the root of the hair, as the extensions will move down with your natural hair growth. The extensions can be repositioned time and time again, meaning your hair can be reused for months even up to a year.

Some clients enquire if they can provide their own hair, if you would like to provide your own hair to be fitted please get in touch for pricing. If you already have Micro Rings extensions fitted by another company who do not offer repositioning and would like to use our repositioning service please see the pricelist section of our website. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or through the enquiry form on our website. Alternatively you can keep in touch through our Facebook page and stay up to date on all the latest news and any promotional offers.

Lengths by Lauren offer Micro Ring Hair Extensions throughout Glasgow, Clarkston, Busby, East Kilbride,  and the Southside.