About Us

laurenLengths by Lauren is owned by Lauren Byfield. Lauren is a fully trained and qualified Micro Ring hair extensionist so you can be confident that when you choose Lengths by Lauren you are choosing a professional service.

At Lengths by Lauren we offer hair extensions using the Micro Ring method. This method is one of the most popular methods available, as there is no glue involved, no painful weave and the Micro Rings will not cause any damage to your own hair. The hair is attached using a small bead or “ring” that will feel so lightweight and small in your hair that you won’t even feel you like you have extensions in! Micro Rings are without a doubt the safest and most undetectable technique available for your hair and can be easily repositioned or removed without damaging your own hair.

We offer two types of 100% human hair to suit all budgets as we believe every girl is entitled to natural looking gorgeous hair.

Our luxury Russian hair is 1g in weight and is double drawn meaning that it is the same thickness from root to tip. The hair is the finest luxury Grade AAAAA* and if taken care of can be reused time and time again, thanks to the repositioning service offered by Lengths by Lauren. All of the hair cuticles face the same way ensuring that the hair will remain untangled and soft to touch.

If taken care of the hair can last at least 6 months – some clients are able to keep using the same hair for 1 year!

Our beautiful Grade AAA Indian Remy hair is luscious and thick from root to tip and weighs 0.8gram per strand. If taken care of the Indian Remy hair can last for up to 6 months.  This hair is also great as a half head for those who naturally have fine hair as it is very lightweight but still ideal for those with thicker hair too as a full head.

Both types of hair can be treated like your own hair although dying the hair is not recommended. If taken care of both types of hair can be reused time and time again, so we recommend that you book in every 8-10 weeks for a maintenance appointment in order to get your extensions repositioned.